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Things To Consider Before Doing Any Conversion Work On Your Carport

Depending on where you live many homes will have different structures built to house our cars.  Some people will have to leave their cars outside, others will have a carport and others a garage.  These structures typically fall into some form of design choice or were built in an attempt to keep costs down during construction.  Now that you are living in the home and are looking to convert carport to garage arizona here are some tips and suggestions that you should follow to ensure it is done correctly.

Check with code enforcement

This is the first thing that you should do with any project.  You will want to go to the building permitting office in your area and talk to someone about your project.  You will tell them what it is you want to do and they will give you any requirements or laws you need to follow before construction begins.  In many cases you will need to have an inspection done and purchase a permit. 

Check the slab

Many carports have a slab of concrete already installed.  If not then this will need to be installed as part of the process.  The slab will need to be a certain height and thickness.  Since it has already been purposed for a car anyways, it shouldn’t be that big of a problem to create a garage.  The biggest issue would be to have it wide enough to build walls.

Check the roof

Make sure that the roof is strong and not connected to your home already.  Depending on how the roof is constructed will determine how other areas of the conversion will go.  In some cases you may need to raise the roof, reinforce the walls and do other construction tasks.  The odd of just being able to add a door are slim. 

convert carport to garage arizona

Each project is different.  Make sure to get as much information about your specific job before committing to the project.